August 8th - August 11th 2017, Leavenworth, WA

Day 1: Tuesday, August 8th

8:45am Van departures from Lander Hall (for out of Seattle area attendees)

9:15am Van departures from Molecular and Nano Engineering Building Parking Lot (for Seattle area attendees)

11:30am-2:00pm Lunch (Kingfisher)

1:00-1:50pm Rosetta Commons Executive Board Meeting (Woodpecker)
1:00-1:50pm Industry Participants Meet & Greet (Flicker)

2:00-2:30pm Session 0 (Chapel & video streaming to Woodpecker)

2:00-2:10pm Welcome by the organizers
2:10-2:20pm Jeff Gray, JHU, Code of Conduct
2:20-2:30pm Dennis Hanson, UW CoMotion, RosettaCommons Annual Review

2:40-4:00 pm Session 1A (Chapel)

Broad Topic: Scoring Functions Chair: Lars Malmström

2:40-3:00pm Rebecca Alford, JHU, What's in Pandora's box? A guide to the Rosetta energy function
3:00-3:20pm Jens Meiler, Vanderbilt, A Holistic Approach to Partial Covalent Interactions in Protein Structure Prediction and Design with Rosetta
3:20-3:40pm Frank Dimaio, UW, Advances in Rosetta Energy Function Optimization
3:40-4:00pm Hahnbeom Park, UW, Protein homology model refinement with deep conformational sampling in energy landscape

2:40-4:00 pm Session 1B (Woodpecker)

Broad Topic: Sampling Methods Chair: Dominik Gront

2:40-3:00pm Colin Smith,Wesleyan U, Modeling NOE Buildup Data with Structural Ensembles
3:00-3:20pm Xingjie Pan, UCSF, Reconstruction of protein geometries with fragment insertion and robotics-inspired sampling
3:20-3:40pm Justin Seffernick, Ohio State, Modeling Surface Induced Dissociation to Improve Protein-Protein Docking
3:40-4:00pm Ryan Pavlovicz, UW, Efficient consideration of coordinated water molecules improves computational protein-protein and protein-ligand docking

4:00-4:20pm Coffee Break (Salmon Gallery) & Rooms Check In

4:20-5:00 pm Session 2A (Chapel)

Broad Topic: Design of large molecular assemblies Chair: Ingemar Andre

4:20-4:40pm Neil King, UW, Design of self-assembling protein nanomaterials for medical applications
4:40-5:00pm Joseph Yesselman, Stanford, Automated Design of Asymmetric Three-Dimensional RNA Structures and Machines at Near-Atomic Accuracy

4:20-5:00 pm Session 2B (Woodpecker)

Broad Topic: Protein Design Strategies Chair: Brian Kuhlman

4:20-4:40pm Scott Boyken, UW, Hydrogen bond network-mediated specificity and protein logic
4:40-5:00pm Shipra Malhotra, FCCC, What Fraction of the Protein-Protein Interaction Space is Druggable by Allosteric Inhibition?

5:00-5:30pm Rooms Check-in

5:30-7:00pm Dinner (Kingfisher)

7:30-8:15pm Keynote Session 1 (Chapel & video streaming to Woodpecker)

Chair: TBD

David Baker, UW, TBA

8:30pm Poster Session 1 (Quail and Tadpole)

9:30pm Open Bar and Alternative Activities

9:30 pm Icebreakers and Team Building Challenges (Flicker)

10:00 pm Annual Carcassonne Tournament, Round 1

Day 2: Wednesday, August 9th

7:30-9:00am Breakfast (Kingfisher & Icicle Village)

9:00-10:20am Session 3A (Chapel)

Broad Topic: Scoring Functions II Chair: Charlie Strauss

9:00-9:20am Rijhu Das, Stanford, Partition functions for RNA folding transitions with Rosetta
9:20-9:40am Rich Bonneau, NYU, Hybrid scoring functions: a multitude of approaches to mixed energy functions
9:40-10:00am Jonathan Weinstein, Weizmann, Calibrating an energy function for membrane protein design and modeling
10:00-10:20am Andrew Leaver-Fay, UNC, A Non-pairwise-decomposable hydrogen bonding function

9:00-10:20am Session 3B (Woodpecker)

Broad Topic: DNA/RNA & Large Molecular Complexes Chair: Vatsan Raman

9:00-9:20am Possu Huang, Stanford, Structure modeling of the bacteriophage phi29 DNA packaging motor
9:20-9:40am Nancy Hernandez, Rutgers, Computational Design of a Stimulus-responsive Fractal-like Supramolecular Enzyme Assembly for Biodegradation
9:40-10:00am Andrew Watkins, Stanford, Achieving atomic accuracy in blind RNA structure prediction
10:00-10:20am Kalli Kappel, Stanford, Towards automated coordinate completion of large RNA-protein machines

10:20-10:40am Coffee Break (Salmon Gallery)

10:40am-12:00pm Topic-Focused Break-Out Discussions

  1. Rosetta 101 - Tutorial for beginners
    Speaker: Vikram Mulligan, UW

  2. Protein-Protein Interface Design (Woodpecker)
    Moderator: Tim Whitehead
    Chalk talk: Hayretin Yumerefendi, UNC, Benchmarking protocols for predicting protein-protein binding affinity
    Chalk talk: David Nannemann, EMD, Antibody optimization and interface design

  3. Structure Prediction (Dipper)
    Moderator: Nik Sgourakis
    Chalk talk: Stephanie Kim, OSU, Predicting Intrinsically Disordered Regions of Protein
    Chalk talk: Chris Bystrof, RPI, How well backrub, KIC and MD work in predicting backbone atom shifts

  4. Protein-Small Molecule Prediction and Design (Flicker)
    Moderator: John Karanicolas
    Chalk talk: Jake Khowsathit, FCCC, Computational design of ligand-activated antibodies

  5. Membrane Proteins (Nuthatch)
    Moderator: Erik Procko
    Chalk talk: Phuong Nguyen, UCDavis, Sodium conduction through Rosetta model of voltage gated sodium channel
    Chalk talk: Aiyana Emigh, UCDavis, Modeling rNav1.2-Conotoxin GVIIJ Binding

  6. Energy Function (Grotto Pub)
    Moderator: Jim Havraneck
    Chalk talk: Jim Havraneck, WU, Multipole Electrostatics in Rosetta
    Chalk talk: Douglas Renfrew, Simons, Two-Component Reference Energy for the Design of Proteins and Foldamers

  7. Rosetta GUIs (Salmon Gallery Terrace)
    Moderator: Seth Cooper
    Chalk talk: Lucas Nivon, Cyrus, TBD

  8. RNA & DNA (Kingfisher Terrace)
    Moderator: Rhiju Das
    Chalk talk: Marcin Magnus, Warsaw, RNA 3D Structure Prediction Using Multiple Sequence Alignment Information

  9. Integrative modeling (Playbarn)
    Moderator: Steffen Lindert
    Chalk talk: George Kuenze, Vanderbilt, A general framework for protein structure prediction and modeling with paramagnetic NMR restraints
    Chalk talk: Melanie Aprahamian, Ohio State, Incorporation of Mass Spectrometry Covalent Labeling Experimental Data into Rosetta Scoring Function

12:00pm-2:00pm Lunch (Kingfisher) and Community Discussion Breakouts

12:00-1:00pm Discussion Session I, Supporting diversity in the Rosetta Community, Led by Una Nattermann
1:00-2:00pm Discussion Session II, Supporting Diversity in the Rosetta Community, Led by Rebecca Alford

2:00-3:00pm Session 5A (Chapel)

Broad Topic: Enzyme Design I Chair: Florian Richter

2:00-2:20pm Alex Zanghellini & Jacob Bale, Arzeda, Scaling Enzyme and Pathway Design
2:20-2:40pm Manasi Pethe, Rutgers, Illuminating the protease-substrate specificity landscape for the HCV NS3 protease using computation and deep sequencing methods
2:40-3:00pm Steve Bertolani, UCDavis, Modeling enzyme active sites

2:00-3:00pm Session 5B (Woodpecker)

Broad Topic: Protein Therapeutics Chair: Vanita Sood

2:00-2:20pm Bill Schief, TSRI, Germline-targeting vaccine design
2:20-2:40pm Christopher Bahl, UW, De novo design of antivirulence therapeutics based on genetically encodable, hyperstable constrained peptides
2:40-3:00pm Amandeep Sangha, Vanderbilt, Epitope focused vaccine design against Ebola virus

3:00-3:30pm GROUP PICTURE near Kingfisher entrance followed by Coffee Break (Salmon Gallery)

3:30-4:30pm Session 6A (Chapel)

Broad Topic: Rosetta GUIs Chair: Jordan Billups

3:30-3:50pm Steven Lewis, Cyrus, Cyrus Biotechnology update
3:50-4:10pm Seth Cooper, Northeastern, Foldit
4:10-4:30pm Aaron Virshup, Autodesk, Full Stack Molecular Modeling: building open platforms for interoperable, reproducible, and extensible molecular modeling

3:30-4:30pm Session 6B (Woodpecker)

Broad Topic: Docking Chair: Deanne Sammond

3:30-3:50pm Brian Pierce, UM, Modeling and design of T-cell receptors
3:50-4:10pm Shourya Sonkar Roy Burman, JHU, Efficient flexible-backbone protein docking using motif scoring of large conformational ensembles
4:10-4:30pm Mainak Guha Roy, VIB, Discovering novel short linear motifs based on peptide-protein docking

4:30-4:50pm Coffee Break (Salmon Gallery)

4:50-5:30pm Session 7A (Chapel)

Broad Topic: Interfaces and developments Chair: Brian Weitzner

4:50-5:10pm Oleg Sobolev, TBD, Python/C++ interface in Phenix suite
5:10-5:30pm Markus Heinomen, Aalto University, Protein search by machine learning

4:50-5:30pm Session 7B (Woodpecker)

Broad Topic: Rosetta and evolution Chair: Jeremy Mills

4:50-5:10pm Christoffer Norn, Lund, Rosetta Simulates Evolution
5:10-5:30pm Jordan Willis, TSRI, Rosetta Supplemented Mammalian Library Design

5:30-7:30pm Dinner (Kingfisher)

7:30-8:15pm Keynote Session 2 (Chapel & video streaming to Woodpecker)

Chair: TBD

Ian Wilson, TSRI, Structure-based design of universal influenza vaccines and therapies

8:30pm Poster Session 2 (Quail and Tadpole)

9:30pm Open Bar and Alternative activities

9:30 pm Pub Quiz Style Trivia Night (Flicker)

10:00 pm Annual Carcassonne Tournament, Round 2

Day 3: Thursday, August 10th

7:30-9:00am Breakfast (Kingfisher & Icicle Village)

9:00-10:20am Session 8A (Chapel)

Broad Topic: Drug Design Chair: Xavier Ambroggio

9:00-9:20am Rocco Moretti , Vanderbilt, RosettaDrugDesign: Automated design of small molecules in Rosetta
9:20-9:40am Lin Jiang, UCLA, Rosetta Computer Aided Drug Discovery of Alzheimer's Disease
9:40-10:00am Melvin Young, BMC, Designed orthogonal membrane receptor-effector switches signal with high pathway selectivity
10:00-10:20am Vikram Mulligan, UW, Design of cyclic peptides made from diverse non-canonical building blocks, with novel folds and functions

9:00-10:20am Session 8B (Woodpecker)

Broad Topic: Membrane proteins and beyond Chair: Julia Koehler Leman

9:00-9:20am Patrick Barth, BCM, Stabilizing membrane proteins by design: proofs of concept and challenging targets
9:20-9:40am Amanda Duran, Vanderbilt, Improvements in Thermostability Predictions and Evaluation of Design of Membrane Proteins in Rosetta
9:40-10:00am Assaf Elazar, Weizmann, Deciphering membrane protein energetics using deep sequencing; Towards robust design and structure prediction of membrane proteins
10:00-10:20am Jason Lai, BCM, Enhancing structure prediction and design of soluble and membrane proteins with explicit solvent-protein interactions

10:25-10:40am Coffee Break (Salmon Gallery)

10:40am-12:00pm Topic-Focused Break-Out Discussions

  1. Rosetta is a Cheeseburger - Intro to Rosetta (Woodpecker)
    Speaker: Steven Lewis, Cyrus

  2. Funding opportunities at the NSF (Green Room Chapel)
    Moderator: Jenifer Weller
    Speaker: Jenifer Weller, NSF

  3. Non-canonicals and Glycans in Rosetta (Grotto Pub)
    Moderator: Jeff Gray
    Chalk talk: Jared Adolf-Bryfogle, TSRI, Modeling Carbohydrates: From roots to foliage
    Chalk talk: Jacob Miner, LANL, New approaches for describing peptoid structures with Rosetta

  4. Enzyme Design (Flicker)
    Moderator: Sagar Khare
    Chalk talk: Sagar Khare, Rutgers, Rosetta-Guided Protein Stapling for Enzyme stabilization
    Chalk talk: Brahm Yachnin, Rutgers, Computational Design of Non-Immunogenic, Activatable, Next-Generation DEPT Chemotherapy Enzymes
    Chalk talk: Rene de Jong, DSM, Enzyme substrate specificity redesign using coupled_moves in Rosetta

  5. Protein Docking (Nuthatch)
    Moderator: Sarel Fleishman
    Chalk talk: Santrupti Nerl, UCSC, Expanding the HLA repertoire for specific peptides

  6. Small Molecule/Drug Design with Rosetta (Salmon Gallery Terrace)
    Moderator: Rocco Moretti
    Chalk talk: Nir London, HU, Bond, covalent Bond

  7. Design of repeat proteins (Kingfisher Terrace)
    Moderator: Fabio Parmeggiani
    Chalk talk: Phil Bradley, FHCRC, Design of tandem repeat proteins

  8. Challenges on the design of protein therapeutics (Quail Porch)
    Moderator: Dan Kulp
    Chalk talk: Stephan Kudlacec, UNC, Designing Zika and Dengue Envelope Protein Dimer Vaccine
    Chalk talk: Hua Bai, UW, Modulating immune tolerance by utilizing computational protein design

12:00pm-2:00pm Lunch (Kingfisher)

2:00-3:00pm Session 10A (Chapel)

Broad Topic: Enzyme Design II Chair: TBD

2:00-2:20pm Kristin Blacklock, Rutgers, Computational design of a photosensitized yeast cytosine deaminase for directed enzyme-prodrug therapy
2:20-2:40pm Gideon Lapidoth, Weizmann, Using evolutionary principles to design novel enzymes
2:40-3:00pm Alex Dylan Carlyn, UCDavis, Data-driven enzyme engineering

2:00-3:00pm Session 10B (Woodpecker)

Broad Topic: PPI Design Chair: Eva-Maria Strauch

2:00-2:20pm Ora Schueler-Furman, HU, Challenges and successes in the design of inhibitory peptides and peptidomimetics
2:20-2:40pm Ravit Netzer, Weizmann, Computational design of a large network of specific and multispecific protein-protein interactions
2:40-3:00pm Jack Maguire, UNC, Monte Carlo methods for designing hydrogen bond networks

3:00-4:00pm REU/Intern Debriefing Session (Woodpecker)

Chair: Jeff Gray

3:00-5:30pm Poster Session 3 (Quail and Tadpole)


3:00-3:30pm Coffee Break (Salmon Gallery)

5:00pm Annual Swim Across Icicle Creek

5:30-7:30pm Dinner (Kingfisher)

7:20-7:30pm Presentation of Rosetta Service and Poster Awards

7:20-8:15pm Keynote Session 3 (Chapel & video streaming to Woodpecker)

Chair: TBD

Shoshana Wodak, VIB, Modeling Protein-protein interactions: then and now

8:15-8:30pm Closing Session (Chapel)

8:30pm PI Meeting (Fire Pit by the Creek)

9:30pm Open Bar and Alternative Activities

9:00 pm Open Board Game Night (Flicker)

10:00 pm Annual Carcassonne Tournament, Round 3

Day 4: Friday, August 11th

7:30-9:00am Breakfast (Kingfisher & Icicle Village)

9:00am Bag lunch, checkout, and van/hike departures


The Rosetta Design Group thanks all Participants, the RosettaCommons Community, the University of Washington, and the Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat for making this event possible.


About the Rosetta Design Group

The Rosetta Design Group LLC was established in 2007 to bridge the gap between the RosettaCommons academic community and industry.

Contract R&D in modeling and bioinformatics

The Rosetta Design Group provides services ranging from assistance for computational scientists in protocol development to fully out-sourced R&D in structural modeing and bioinformatics for computational and experimental groups whose demands exceed their in-house capacities.

Rosetta Design Group Website:

ROSETTA resources, events, jobs, the Macromolecular Modeling Blog™, and more.


Industry Participants

Rene de Jong
Lucas Nivon
Jeremiah Farelli
Vanita Sood
David Nannemann

Huafeng Xu

Qi Chen
Roland Pache

Chris Bailey-Kellogg

Bruck Taddese
Daniel Cannon
Christian Cunningham
Alexandre Zanghellini
Jacob Bale
Kristin Brown
Joel Karpiak
Chris MacDermaid
Tarsis Ferreira

Sean West

Bruck Taddese
Daniel Cannon
Florian Richter
Cornelia Scheitz
Aaron Virshup


Rosetta Commons Participants

  • Schief Lab
  • Bill Schief
  • Jordan Willis
  • Sebastian Rämisch
  • Jenny Hu
  • Jared Adolf-Bryfogle
  • Torben Schiffner
  • Dan Kulp
  • Alessia Liguori

  • Kuhlman Lab
  • Brian Kuhlman
  • Hayretin Yumerefendi
  • Frank Teets
  • Andrew Leaver-Fay
  • Jack Maguire
  • Stephan Kudlacek
  • Sharon Guffy
  • Joseph Harrison
  • Matt Cummins

  • U of Maryland
  • Brian Pierce

  • Correia Lab
  • Bruno Correia
  • Jaume Bonet Martinez
  • Fabian Sesterhenn
  • Che Yang
  • Andreas Scheck
  • Pablo Gainza Cirauqui
  • Zander Harteveld

  • Strauss Lab
  • Charlie Strauss
  • Jacob Miner

  • Bystroff Lab
  • Chris Bystroff
  • Benjamin Walcott

  • Wang Lab
    Peking U
  • Chu Wang
  • Haobo Wang
  • Yuan Liu

  • Smith Lab
  • Colin Smith

  • Baker Lab
  • David Baker
  • Una Nattermann
  • Scott Boyken
  • Cassie Bryan
  • Luki Goldschmidt
  • Zibo Chen
  • Brian Koepnick
  • Hahnbeom Park
  • Gabriel Butterfield
  • Jason Klima
  • Hua Bai
  • Michael Murphy
  • Timothy Craven
  • Ralph Cacho
  • Alexis Courbet
  • Marc Lajoie
  • Adam Moyer
  • Christopher Bahl
  • Christine Kang
  • Derrick Hicks
  • Gabriel Rocklin
  • Eva-Maria Strauch
  • Sherry Bermeo
  • Daniel Silva
  • Nihal Korkmaz
  • Ivan Anishchanka
  • Anastassia Vorobieva
  • Sinduja Marx
  • Jiayi Dou
  • Ian Haydon
  • Gaurav Bhardwaj
  • TJ Brunette
  • Franziska Seeger
  • Jooyoung Park
  • Parisa Hosseinzadeh
  • Vikram Mulligan
  • Chunfu Xu
  • Lance Stewart
  • Stephanie Berger
  • Brian Weitzner
  • Peilong Lu
  • Bobby Langan
  • David La
  • Stacey Gerben
  • Hanlun Jiang
  • Rubul Mout
  • Brian Coventry

  • Sammond Lab
  • Deanne Sammond
  • Neal Hengge

  • Gront Lab
  • Dominik Gront
  • Aleksandra El_bieta Dawid
  • Monika Anna Kaczmarek

  • Procko Lab
  • Erik Procko

  • Parmeggiani Lab
  • Fabio Parmeggiani

  • DiMaio Lab
  • Frank DiMaio
  • Ryan Pavlovicz
  • Daniel Farrell

  • Wilson Lab
  • Ian Wilson
  • Nicholas Wu
  • David Oyen

  • Cyrus
  • Steven Lewis

  • NSF
  • Jennifer Weller

  • NASA
  • Gareth Shannon

  • André Lab
  • Ingemar André
  • Christoffer Norn
  • Tao Zhang

  • Gray Lab
  • Jeffrey Gray
  • Sergey Lyskov
  • Rebecca Alford
  • Morgan Nance
  • Paige Stanley
  • Jeliazko Jeliazkov
  • Jason Labonte
  • Shourya Sonkar Roy Burman

  • Meiler Lab
  • Jens Meiler
  • Rocco Moretti
  • Georg Kuenze
  • Amandeep Sangha
  • Jessica Finn
  • Marion Sauer
  • Alberto Cisneros
  • Diego del Alamo
  • Alex Sevy
  • Darwin Fu
  • Nina Bozhanova
  • Elleansar Okwei
  • Brennica Marlow
  • Amanda Duran
  • Samuel Schmitz
  • Benjamin Mueller

  • Mills Lab
    Arizona State
  • Jeremy Mills
  • Patrick Gleason
  • Patrick Kelly
  • Trygve Nelson

  • Havranek Lab
    Washington U
  • Jim Havranek

  • Karanicolas Lab
  • John Karanicolas
  • Nan Bai
  • Shipra Malhotra (Kansas)
  • Jake Khowsathit
  • Karen Khar (Kansas)

  • Siegel Lab
    UC Davis
  • Steve Bertolani
  • Morgan Connolly
  • Stephanie Contreras
  • Terrence O'Brien
  • Yue Zhang
  • Pamela Denish
  • Alex Carlin

  • Malmström Lab
  • Lars Malmström

  • Gu Lab
  • Liangcai Gu
  • Yu Liang
  • Deng Luo
  • Shoukai Kang

  • Jiang Lab
  • Kevin Murray
  • Gayatri Nair
  • Binsen Li
  • Lin Jiang
  • Woo Shik Shin

  • King Lab
  • Neil King
  • Daniel Ellis
  • Quinton Dowling
  • Karla-Luise Herpoldt
  • Santrupti Nerli

  • Sgourakis Lab
    UC Santa Cruz
  • Nik Sgourakis
  • Benjamin Sherman

  • London Lab
  • Nir London
  • Daniel Zaidman

  • Schueler-Furman Lab
  • Ora Schueler-Furman
  • Tomer Tsaban
  • Orly Marcu
  • Gil Ben Cohen

  • Barth Lab
  • Patrick Barth
  • Xiang Feng
  • Daniel Keri
  • Jason Lai
  • Melvin Young

    Lawrence Berkeley
  • Oleg Sobolev

  • Bradley Lab
  • Phil Bradley

  • Huang Lab
  • Possu Huang
  • Raphael Eguchi
  • Jamin Koo
  • Namrata Anand
  • R. Andres Parra Sperberg
  • Anika Naidu

  • Das Lab
  • Rhiju Das
  • Andrew Watkins
  • Kalli Kappel
  • Joseph Yesselman
  • Marcin Magnus

  • Bonneau Lab
  • Richard Bonneau
  • P. Douglas Renfrew (Flatiron)
  • James Eastwood
  • Julia Koehler Leman (Simons)
  • Edwin Kamau

  • Rosetta Design Group
  • Xavier Ambroggio

  • Dunbrack Lab
  • Simon Kelow (U Penn)
  • Krati Sharma

  • Interns
    Rosetta Commons
  • Allison Watwood (Missippi State)
  • Syeda Noshin (Michigan State)
  • Emily Hinds (UCSF)
  • Jordan Billups (State U of NY Purchase)
  • Gabi Muir (Mount Holyoke)
  • Hector Torres (UW)
  • Joseph Kim (Cornell)
  • Maham Khan (Mount Holyoke)
  • Bethany Dubois (Brown)
  • Karissa Yamaguchi (Texas A&M)
  • Thomas Collins (Brown)

  • Khare Lab
  • Sagar Khare
  • Brahm Yachnin
  • Elliott Dolan
  • Manasi Pethe
  • William Hansen
  • Kristin Blacklock
  • Nancy Hernandez

  • Fleishman Lab
  • Sarel Fleishman
  • Assaf Elazar
  • Jonathan Weinstein
  • Ravit Netzer
  • Gideon Lapidoth
  • Rosalie Lipsh

  • Cooper Lab
  • Seth Cooper
  • Lorna Jesvita Lancy Dsilva
  • Sadaab Ali Gulani

  • Wodak Lab
  • Shoshana Goldsztein Wodak
  • Tamas Lazar
  • Mainak Guha Roy

  • Bjelic Lab
  • Sinisa Bjelic
  • Panagiota Georgoulia

  • Lindert Lab
    Ohio State
  • Steffen Lindert
  • Justin Seffernick
  • Melanie Aprahamian
  • Stephanie Kim
  • Jacob Bowman
  • Sumudu Leelananda

  • Kortemme Lab
  • Tanja Kortemme
  • Xingjie Pan
  • James Lucas
  • Chris Mathy
  • Kyle Barlow
  • Markus Heinonen (Aalto U)
  • Anum Glasgow
  • Amanda Loshbaugh
  • Cody Krivacic

  • Whitehead Lab
    Michigan State
  • Tim Whitehead
  • Angélica V. Medina-Cucurella

  • Raman Lab
    UW Madison
  • Vatsan Raman
  • Phillip Huss
  • Delia Scoville
  • Dylan Plaskon
  • Kyle Nishikawa

  • Yarov-Yarovoy Lab
    UC Davis
  • Vladimir Yarov-Yarovoy
  • Aiyana Emigh
  • Phuong Nguyen
  • Ian Kimball
  • Jan Maly
  • Kevin DeMarco
  • Simon Vu